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Resume of Ian Blavins 

JMeter software performance engineer specialising in complex engagements especially those requiring tool and infrastructure development




What I do

I am now engaged in building and working with APIIoader, my own commercial cloud-capable performance testing tool based on JMeter. It is a very simple to use, very high throughput tool for testing API-client addressed web sites.

Apart from contracts that require such a tool I remain interested in short term contracts that are:

  • particularly challenging performance testing / engineering projects requiring infrastructure, interface, and/or process development especially with JMeter, other open source tools, and custom-written tools

  • component-based testing

Experience summary

After 15+ years as a software performance engineer I have now specialised in JMeter and particularly those engagement requiring the construction of performance testing tools and infrastructure. I have built such things as:
  • APILoader a very high throughput, cloud capable, JMeter-based load testing tool
  • protocol implementations for JMeter
  • mini-applications within JMeter samplers
  • a 5,000 TPS JMeter-based test harness
  • an automated large-scale DB2 database generator
  • two million digital certificates
  • high-capacity data analysis tools
  • an automated performance test script writer
  • performance testing harnesses
  • an automated capacity modelling tool
  • etc.
My typical clients are large scale software developers and software users. I have worked mostly on large scale, complex, multi-tier, multi-platform applications.

I have in the past provided the full spectrum of software performance engineering services including the following:

  • load, stress, scalability, and performance testing
  • development of performance testing infrastructure and processes
  • performance characterisation and benchmarking
  • capacity modeling
  • performance analysis, profiling, and bottleneck determination
  • code profiling and system optimisation
  • tuning
  • trouble shooting and problem resolution
  • component level performance testing during development

While providing the above services I have also often been involved in:

  • designing, implementing, reviewing, and improving local performance related processes
  • automation of performance testing
  • training and skills transfer
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Resume of Ian Blavins, JMeter software performance engineer
Last updated: 26th March 2016

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